Limited Edition UKF10 Minirig 3

Regular price £139.00
Limited Edition UKF 10 Minirig
Limited Edition UKF 10 Minirig Spec Sheet
Limited Edition UKF 10 Minirig
Limited Edition UKF 10 Minirig

Limited Edition UKF10 Minirig 3

Regular price £139.00

Introducing the limited edition UKF10 Minirig 3 portable Bluetooth speaker. Hit the road with a powerful 40-watt amplifier in your pocket: It’s twice as loud as previous versions and fully linkable with other Minirigs so you can take the party with you wherever you go.

Using the latest technology and high-quality design we bring to you the ALL NEW MINIRIG 3 Bluetooth rechargeable speaker.

All Minirig 3 Bluetooth speakers come with an audio cable, charger cable, case, and a whole lot of bass and good times!
The Minirig speaker has gone through 3 stages of evolution resulting in something unbelievable, the all-new Minirig 3! More than double the power of its predecessor the Minirig 2. With the new custom built 70mm driver, it can really move some air resulting in deep bass, this combined with crisp mids and highs making it the perfect listening experience. 
The famous Minirig Link-up has just stepped up its game, no more wires, you can now link-up as many Minirig 3 speakers as you like wirelessly! This is best done using the new Minirig App available on IOS and Android, this is not the only feature the App offers, you now have a 5 band equalizer, quick access mute, high or low gain, control your music and now use you Minirig 3 as a headphone receiver. 
Finally Minirig gives you exclusive access to all the new Minirig mixes from some of the best Artists around. All this contained within a highly finished Anodised aluminum tube in a colour of you choice, surrounded by high impact ABS textured plastic and new vibration free silicone base, delivered to your door in the all new recycled & recyclable packaging.

Customer Reviews

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Minirig speaker

The Minirig 3 speaker surpassed my expectations one of the best buys! At its highest volume it pumps clear and powerful and the bass you get from such a small speaker is impressive the Minirig 3 rocks! 😎🔊🤟 K


The minirig 3 is an awesome and unbelievably powerful speaker with bass depth that defies physics for such a size.
The UKF styling is nice, I'm just not sure I can resist cracking out the sharpies and colouring it in!

What an amazing speaker!

Super loud. Works great for our door uses. Nice and compact. Sound is amazing. Would totally recommend over anything else on the market for portable Bluetooth speakers!

Excellent speaker!

I really like this UKF10-Minirig 3.
Not only does it sounds great, it also looks cool!

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Limited Edition UKF10 Minirig 3

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